A good bath after a hectic, tiresome day is pure bliss and choosing the right products to pamper your skin is an essential factor in maintaining good skin health.

How to choose your bath bombs?

Make sure that your bath bombs are free from synthetic material. The bombs should contain natural, organic ingredients and should be completely safe to use. Also, make it a point to ensure that your bath bombs do not contain any harmful chemicals because if neglected, you could face a number of serious health issues.

Arden Organics has a wide variety of skin friendly bath bombs to choose from:

Ensure to choose skin friendly bath bombs that are free from parabens and sulfate. Infused with the goodness of Shea butter and superior moisturizers, the large bath fizzes are a must-try! They come with therapeutic essential oils to help you relax. The pack of 24 is ideal for a family. There are also small packs of 12 bombs each for kids that have organic and natural ingredients to maintain and nourish their soft skin.

Chemical free bulk bath bombs for the whole family to feel good and relax. Enriched with essential oils and vitamin A, these bath bombs are definitely something you must try!